Zohra Siddiqui

Alice Andrews

Alice Andrews is a native Arkansas artist who lives the best of both worlds in her family home in Dorado, and also in her 1800’s farm house in Boxley, Buffalo National River. She discovered her love and affinity for visual arts as … View this artist »

Arif Imam

Arif Imam is a graphic designer and writer born in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a graduate of  Islamia College in Peshawar, Pakistan with an emphasis in consulting and advertising. He eventually became one of Apple computer’s first consultant in Pakistan. Arif’s work … View this artist »

Tasleem Mirza

Tasleem Mirza (Austin, TX) is a preschool director with a degree in business law with a minor in fine arts. As a self-taught Islamic art artist, Mirza artwork has exhibited in Al Nisa Arts Center, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester Islamic … View this artist »

Najmus Saqib Hassan

Born and raised in India, Hassan came to USA in 1998. After the first eight years in New York, he moved to Houston with his wife and four children. He loves traveling and exploring cultures of the world. Texas is his home … View this artist »

Saima Khan

Saima Khan was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is a visual artist based in Houston, Texas. She was brought up and raised in United States for the past 30 years. She is currently a mother of three beautiful children and have a degree … View this artist »

Denise Sagan

Denise Sagan is a painter working primarily in mixed media and encaustic in Fayetteville Arkansas. Her contemporary abstractions are inspired by organic textures, colors and shapes she observes in nature. She creates highly textured and organically colored work by blending and layering … View this artist »

Melissa Milton

Melissa Milton is a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas who was born during the turbulent 1960’s and came of age in the groovy 1970’s. The colorful clothing, interior décor, and art of those decades influences her artistic expression. The family of colors and … View this artist »

Carl Karni-Bain

  For close to three decades Carl Karni-Bain has been exhibiting across the United States especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, North Carolina and New York. His work has been commissioned by authors, playwrights and corporations. In addition, has work has … View this artist »

Behnaz Sohrabian

Born and educated in Tehran, Iran, Behnaz Sohrabian discovered her love of art and creative expression as a small child, developed a passion for painting and began the professional career at the age of 13. Behnaz has earned a BS in Applied … View this artist »

Clint Brannon

Clint Brannon grew up in a small town in Arkansas. His parents motivated him to find success in what he had a passion for, which included baseball and art. Grade school art class established his education and love for art with new … View this artist »

Justin Williams

Justin Williams has lived in Northwest Arkansas for 25 years, and grew up in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. He is a graphic designer based in Northwest Arkansas artist who specializes in heavily detailed works through cross hatching and precision. About the … View this artist »

Zachary Cleve

Zachary Cleve is from Davenport, Iowa and earned a bachelor’s degree in painting and sociology from Saint Ambrose University in 2010. He received his MFA in painting and drawing in 2015 from the University of Iowa while working as an instructor there. … View this artist »

Jeffry Cantu

Jeffry Cantu lives, volunteers, and is a University of Arkansas student in Fort Smith, AR. He is a United States Navy veteran who was stationed in Japan and traveled throughout Asia and the Pacific in 2000. Cantu has been influenced by the … View this artist »

Jaasiel Barrientos

Barrientos is originally from Mexico, but he moved to LaGrange in 2000. He began to study art while in LaGrange, and his developing style and technique can be seen in his work. He is currently represented through Art Ventures NWA, the Leigh … View this artist »

Martin Morales

Martin Morales is an artist based in the Venezuelan province, with the greatest national projection. As an experimental engraver, he spends part of his time teaching graphic arts in his workshop in the small town of Tovar, in Mérida State. Hard working … View this artist »

Adriana Patrucco

Born and raised in Perú, Adriana’s work is disciplined through the influence of early contemporary European impressionism and early 20th century Peruvian Indigenist movement such as of José Sabogal and Carlota Carvallo. These artists have influenced Adriana’s narrative genre inspired by their … View this artist »

Lourdes Valverdes

María de Lourdes Valverde Galindo was born in México as the only girl in a family with six brothers. Her passion for art began in middle school as her teacher assigned illustrating stories as part of the reading lesson. Although, she had … View this artist »

Craig Underwood

A Fayetteville, Arkansas native, graduate from Baylor University and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Craig has spent the past several years as the President of Underwood’s Fine Jewelers in Fayetteville.  His passion, artistic talents and creativity have helped produce beautiful, nationally … View this artist »

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey Exhibits at the Art Ventures Gallery June 2018

Brian Bailey is a neon light artist from Longview, TX currently residing in Springdale, Arkansas. Brian began his career in 2009 working as an apprentice to hone craft and master technique. He started his own company, Illuminati Signs, in 2011 and in 2017 … View this artist »

Mohammed (Moh’d) Bilbeisi

Mohammed (Moh’d) Bilbeisi is an imaginative professor, architect, illustrator, and watercolorist who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Moh’d earned both his Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Oklahoma State University and joined the faculty in 1998. His … View this artist »

Donna Phipps Stout

Donna Phipps Stout Exhibits at the Art Ventures Gallery June 2018

Donna Phipps Stout grew up in Kentucky and as a child spent her time exploring the woods and fields, and drawing. Her parents were both teachers, encouraged her artistic talents, gave her with oil paints at a young age. Donna’s interest in the … View this artist »

Linda Sheets

Born in Northern Indiana, to a Plumber and Nurse, Linda has been creating art of one kind or another for most of her life. The first of her family to attend college, she quit art school after two years to become a … View this artist »

Melissa Wilkinson

Melissa Wilkinson received her BFA in painting from Western Illinois University in 2002 and MFA in painting from Southern Illinois University in 2006. Her work has been featured in publications throughout the country including two editions of New American Paintings. She has … View this artist »

Linda Vredeveld

Linda Vredeveld is an abstract figurative painter whose work has been exhibited in Chicago, St. Louis, and Albuquerque, as well as other cities in the Midwest. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, she graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and … View this artist »

Kai Drachenberg

Kai Drachenberg was born in 1990 in the state of Hawaii where he lived for eight years before his parents moved the family. They lived in Nepal, Fiji, and even Kashmir, India for a year while the war between Pakistan and India … View this artist »

Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards, Vian, OK, is an award winning Cherokee Graphic Artist who has worked for the Cherokee Nation for 17 years with the Cherokee Language in varying degrees. He is a language activist working with Education Services Language Technology Group at Cherokee … View this artist »

Wanbli Gamache

Wanbli Gamache earned his BFA in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas and is in the MFA program at the Art Institute of Chicago. Wanbli uses the video format to create artistic surveys of the relationship between the observer’s narrative and the … View this artist »

Bobby Martin

Bobby C. Martin is a printmaker/painter/educator/curator who works out of his 7 Springs Studio near West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma. Martin’s artwork is exhibited and collected internationally. He has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions, the most recent being a one-person … View this artist »

Robyn Horn

Robyn Horn was born in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, graduated from Northside High School, then Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas where she trained as a painter and earned a BA in Art. Her mother and sister are painters, and her interest in the … View this artist »

Carol Hart

As long as she can remember, Carol Hart knew she wanted to be an artist. Her first volunteer work growing up was making sets for plays with the Shreveport Little Theater. Carol married her husband, Bill while in college and after completing … View this artist »

Jay McDonald

Jay McDonald is an award winning Fine Art Photographer who has studied under the tutelage and mentoring of several masters in photography including Jay Maisel, George Lepp, Matt Seuss and Tim Ernst in both experiential and landscape photography. He has traveled the … View this artist »

Emma Steinkraus

Originally from Fayetteville, Emma Steinkraus completed her MFA in Painting in 2016 at the University of Iowa where she was an Iowa Arts Fellow. Her work has received numerous awards, including a Peyser Prize, a Bethesda Painting Award, and a Hubbard Hutchinson … View this artist »

Jocelyn Knight

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Saudi Arabia, Jocelyn Knight’s world view has been shaped by the many places she has lived in her life. She received her MFA in 2004 but credits both her artist mother and her travels overseas for her … View this artist »

Cheryl Kellar

Little Rock artist Cheryl Kellar says she is happiest in the studio, covered in paint, creating works that make her heart sing.  Her water media paintings are full of color and drama, whether figurative or abstract. Cheryl studied art with Jacqui Kaucher … View this artist »

Karolyn Farrell

I am moved by landscapes and cityscapes in various light patterns.  I hope these images bring happiness and serenity to my clients and viewers.  I see art and an appreciation of it as an essential part of a complete education.  The act … View this artist »

Nathan Duncan

Nathan Duncan grew up in a family where painting and music were just a part of life. He created his own drawings, paintings, and sculptures from as far back as he can remember until the cusp of adulthood; then simply abandoned it … View this artist »

John L. Newman

John L. Newman was born in Rohwer, a small farming community located in the Arkansas Delta and lived there until his mother moved to Kansas City, Kansas when he was five. Newman attended Kansas City, Kansas, public schools excelling in art and … View this artist »

Annetta Gregory

I have been making art most of my life. Art is in my soul and can’t be denied. I have studied with, taken workshops and been influenced by many accomplished artists. Some of which are Josie Fitzgerald, Susan Edgemon, Desmond O’Hagan, Kim … View this artist »

Ana Sophia Camargo

Ana Sophia Camargo is a Walton Scholar from Panama attending the University of the Ozarks. She says of her works Solastalgia 72830 (the green face) and Solastalgia 0819 (the orange face) “…both works go together conceptually and talk about how autumn landscapes make … View this artist »

Anthony Davis

The greatest compliment I ever received was during an art market when a man walked up to me after browsing and said “It looks as though you have found peace.” Peace is something everyone struggles with. While an individual painting may not … View this artist »

Angela Davis Johnson

Angela Davis Johnson is best known for her vibrant narrative paintings that examine universal connections, identity and historical occurrences through personal symbols. Navigating between academic influences and outsider art individuality, she creates textured figures using oil paint, scrap paper and fabric within … View this artist »

Amy Eichler

Amy Eichler is a local artist, born and raised in Fayetteville, and a graduate of the University of Arkansas, holding degrees in Computer Science and Art with an emphasis in oil painting and drawing. Amy is active in the community as a … View this artist »

Artists of Northwest Arkansas

The ANA presents its most prestigious annual event that showcases members’ artwork and the work of artists in the surrounding region, including the works of artists from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. Artists’ entries were selected through a juried process that began … View this artist »

Beth Erbe

Beth has been working with glass for the past 22 years and operates Cutting Edge Glass Creations located in Farmington, AR. She was born in Northern California and moved to upstate New York as a teenager.  Living on opposite sides of the … View this artist »

Brandon Bullette

Brandon Bullette spent most of his youth in Joplin, Missouri. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Missouri State University in Springfield. Since then, he has traveled the country several times, on bicycle, road trips, and on tour with his … View this artist »

Brandon Watts

Artist Statement I’ve always been drawn to water, especially in moments of overwhelming emotions, big decision-making, and simply trying to get my life in order. Water has always seemed to be my place of escape from everyday life. Not always being able … View this artist »

Celestine Eichler

Celestine Eichler is a local artist who graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Advertising and Public Relations. She is from a large family of artists. Her dad worked in woodworking, and five of … View this artist »

Cheri Bohn

Cheri Bohn has been interested in art since the first grade when she learned about Van Gogh’s ear. She grew up in Texas and graduated from The University of North Texas in Denton, TX with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a … View this artist »

Christina Mariotti

Christina moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in the early ’90s to attend the University of Arkansas, where she received her fine arts degree in painting. During this time Christina began visiting Italy again, including a semester abroad at the American University of Rome. … View this artist »

Cory Perry

Cory Perry has been a resident of Fayetteville his entire life. He studies video, sculpture, and painting at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  His inspiration comes from the memories of struggles we all go through, individually and/or collectively. Whether it pertains to … View this artist »

Denice Nicholson

Growing up in an urban environment, the wild beauty of nature held special appeal for Denice Nicholson. Even from a young age she had an inclination for drawing nature-imbued curving, irregular images – flowers, trees, twigs and berries functioning symbolically as opposed … View this artist »

Donovan Brutus

Donovan Brutus was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas during the mid 80’s. The cartoons of the 80’s and 90’s inspired him to start drawing at an early age. He was set on being an animator when he grew up. Throughout high school … View this artist »

Dolores Justus

Inspired by the natural world, Dolores Justus’ paintings reflect a sensitive and intuitive view that distills patterns of light and form into compositions that engage and inspire.  Her painterly style also contributes to the interactive quality of her art.  In her exploration … View this artist »

Drew Gentle

Drew Gentle was born in 1947 and raised in Los Angeles, California.  After high school, Drew went to work as Artist Assistant to his Father Robert Gentle at Hanna-Barbera Studios.  For the next four years, he worked summers in animation and for … View this artist »

Eloa Jane

The all-attractive prospects of comfort, money and convenience filled Eloa Jane’s little grey mailbox as she transitioned into a new life in America. Such pursuits, she began to realize, are at odds with the pursuit of happiness when they come at the … View this artist »

Fatima Pollard

Fatima was born in a small town in Brazil, now a naturalized citizen of the US, spends much of her after-work time creating colorful costumes including masks, and mannequins for a variety of events and displays including festivals, parades, dances, and multi-cultural … View this artist »

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson, born in Michigan, is a Fayetteville, AR resident and artist who, while living and working in the Pacific Northwest, initiated the development of his skills in watercolor and acrylic painting, having taken numerous classes and workshops from professional artists.  He … View this artist »

Heather Chilson

Born and raised in northeastern South Dakota, Heather Chilson moved to Arkansas in 2005. Since childhood, photography had always played an important part in her life as a hobby, but it grew into a passion. Originally embracing digital photography for its ease, … View this artist »

James Hayes

James Hayes was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  He owns and operates James Hayes glass company in Pine Bluff.  After receiving an art degree from Hendrix College in 1988, he searched for a new medium to express his artistic talent.  Three months … View this artist »

Jason Davis

Jason Davis is a self-taught Sculptor from Van Buren, Arkansas. Jason excels at additive and subtractive sculpture which ranges from wood carving and clay to bronze making. However, his true passion is stone work. Artist Statement I like to portray fluidity and … View this artist »

Jeannie Rodriguez Fowler-Stone

Jeannie Rodriguez Fowler-Stone is a professor at Arkansas Tech University in Russelville who moved to Arkansas in 1964 from Puerto Rico. She is also an artist and writer who through the creation of “Cuba to Arkansas Connection,” a series of traveling art fiestas, … View this artist »

Joëlle Storet

Joëlle Storet was born in Brussels, Belgium and lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is an accomplished emerging artist and the current Gallery Manager of Art Ventures NWA. Störet is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a background in Cultural Anthropology, … View this artist »

Karen Ahuja

Karen is a visual artist working primarily in acrylics and mixed media. She started painting in 2011 and found that her passion for painting included not only the creation of her work, but the promotion of it. Karen has a BA marketing … View this artist »

Kathleen Siegfried

Kathleen is a retired teacher and painter who likes to think of herself as an experimental artist, specifically drawn to the abstract. She says her most successful paintings come from a combination of memory, imagination, and suggestion. “I have been inspired by … View this artist »

Kenneth Siemens

Kenneth Siemens is a muralist and illustrator who works in the “Aerosol Pulp” comic style of art rendered in spray paint on canvas.  Since 2014 Siemens has brought his experience as a Walmart marketing design director to bear on the creative community … View this artist »

Kyle Boswell

Art has never been a single-minded pursuit for sculptor Kyle Boswell, a native of Bryant.  Instead, he prefers melding his various interests together and working in a collaboratively creative environment to keep his own artistic fires burning.  Kyle, who mixes blown glass … View this artist »

La Dawna Whiteside

Born in 1970 in rural Oklahoma, LaDawna Whiteside’s American lineage dates beyond the Dust Bowl. She is the descendent of a farmer, an orphaned coal miner’s daughter, a charismatic preacher and a female factory worker. Whiteside sifts through 19th century American social … View this artist »

Leah Cowden

Leah Cowden graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and currently lives in Fayetteville with her husband, two children, and 5 pets. She bases all of her work on the simple idea that … View this artist »

Lee Ann Dodson

Lee Ann Dodson grew up in Fayetteville, AR but has lived the majority of her adult life in both Oregon and Florida. She recently returned to her roots in the Ozark Mountains where she is a prolific oil painter of the natural … View this artist »

Maggie Ivy

Maggie is a freelance illustrator and artist originally from Fayetteville, currently living and working in Santa Monica. In 2010 she graduated from the Florence Academy of Art.

Maria Botti Villegas

Imprints of Winter During most of my professional career in my native city of Buenos Aires, I was interested in constructive elements found in buildings, cathedrals, and bridges. Now in Arkansas, I feel myself immersed in a grid of natural structures of … View this artist »

Mikayla Hoffman

Mikayla Hoffman was born in Sheridan, Wyoming and moved to Smithville, Missouri for some years before coming to Fayetteville. She earned a BFA in ceramics in 2016 at the University of Arkansas. Her works have been shown in a number of exhibitions, … View this artist »

Monica Jordan

Monica Jordan is a high school art teacher by day, but by night she is a collage artist — ripping, cutting, and layering tiny scraps of paper to create dynamic paper paintings. She finds inspiration in many forms and enjoys creating portraits, … View this artist »

Morgan Bame

There are a lot of analogies between knitting and everyday life and relationships.  It is no surprise when we say our communities are “tightly knit” or “woven together.”  The bible tells us we have been “knit together” in our mothers’ womb by … View this artist »

MJ Fentis

I am a digital and mixed-media artist. I have developed a technique I term as ‘SoulFuzion’ which is my way of using digital applications in an organic free flowing manner. This technique gives most of my artwork a non-digital look and a … View this artist »

Randi Romo

How It Gets To The Store Randi Romo is a Queer, Mexican-American artist and writer originally from Dallas, Texas. She came to Arkansas 13 years ago, after falling in love with the State while on a visit during the Fall. Her visual art … View this artist »

Rebecca LaTourette

Rebecca is a painter and an installation artist whose roots run deep in Arkansas and preservation of its natural beauty is integral to everything she does. Rebecca’s installation, Protest Couture, addresses the fouling of the Buffalo National River by the concentrated feeding … View this artist »

Rosie Rose

Rosie Rose has been an artist her entire life. She was born and raised to artist parents, who owned a gallery in Eureka Springs, AR so she was instantly immersed in creativity. She likes to think that her clothing designs are as … View this artist »

Sara Segerlin

Wombness, a video art installation by artist Sara Segerlin reflects upon the beauty of the feminine found in a collage of multiple dimensions – dreamscapes, sea sand and kitchen parts. Segerlin received her Master of Fine Arts from the Visual Studies Workshop … View this artist »

Shabana Kauser

British artist Shabana creates vibrant oil paintings that are heavily influenced by her rich British and Pakistani roots. Her realistic paintings include a diverse range of cultural sources that carry depth and history. From the red rose (British floral emblem), to the … View this artist »

Stacy Bates

Stacy Bates loves creating art in all mediums, whether it’s sculpting, painting, printmaking, or drawing. For the past year, she has been exploring the depths of her illustration through use of pen and ink while applying hatching, cross-hatching and stippling techniques. Although … View this artist »

Terry Dushan

Terry Dushan’s love of photography was born early through her father’s lens. A quiet, gentle man, he connected with the world and people about him more through the lens than through verbal interaction. Terry’s wish to absorb his interest may have drawn … View this artist »

Timothy Tyler

Tim Tyler’s youth was spent in sunny Arizona, California and Oklahoma amid open spaces, around cowboys and thunderstorms, and, many art museums. At age fourteen his first painting commission was undertaken; Scottsdale Galleries were hanging his work before he was 20. He … View this artist »

Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn has been doing found object metal art for the past 15 years. He lives in Rogers, Arkansas where he works as a lighting and electrical designer. Tom also brews beer and makes home made root beer, writes music and plays … View this artist »

Tulsa Glass Blowing School

Tulsa Glassblowing School is a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization located in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District.  It provides an open access hot shop and kiln studio offering unique experiences for anyone interested in the beauty of glass art.  From the novice to the … View this artist »

Virmarie DePoyster

Virmarie DePoyster works in pastel on paper. She says, “…color is a technique, a tool, a language used to emphasize the meaning of my current human experience. Each piece begins with a design concept, a thoughtful selection of paper type and some surface … View this artist »

VL Cox

V.L. Cox is a Little Rock based artist who uses authentic historical objects and artifacts throughout her work. After gaining nationwide acclaim in featuring her “End Hate” exhibition at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., her goal in this series became to engage … View this artist »

Zeek Taylor

Zeek Taylor is known for his stylized watercolors. Using a dry brush technique, he is able to achieve intricate detail not often found in the medium.  He favors transparent paint but at times combines the use of gouache and acrylic in a … View this artist »

Roy Boney Jr.

Roy Boney Jr. ᎧᏂᎦ ᎪᎳᎭ is a full blood citizen of the Cherokee Nation living in Tahlequah, OK. He is an award winning filmmaker, artist, writer and language preservationist. His work has been shown throughout the United States and internationally. Boney’s art is … View this artist »

Leon Niehues

Niehues says of his work, “I have been making baskets, sculptural baskets, and now bentwood sculpture fro 36 years. My home and studio are in Huntsville, AR, which is Northwest Arkansas, the Ozarks. While using traditional materials and techniques I have added … View this artist »