Annetta Gregory


I have been making art most of my life. Art is in my soul and can’t be denied. I have studied with, taken
workshops and been influenced by many accomplished artists. Some of which are Josie Fitzgerald,
Susan Edgemon, Desmond O’Hagan, Kim Casebeer, Dorothy Dent, Helen Van Wyk, Nancy Medina,
Dreama Toile Perry, Charles Peer and Richard Robinson.

I am a member of The Artists of Northwest Arkansas, The Ozark Pastel Society and The Plein Air Painters
of the Ozarks. I have sold over two hundred paintings the last few years and am honored to have my work collected all over the United States.

I find beauty in most things but am especially drawn to animals. My goal is to capture a bit of their soul
in each work. Presently my focus is in capturing the beauty and delight I find in the jewels of the sky. My
bird paintings represent the moment when you first spot that small colorful creature and stop to admire
and enjoy. I use rich vibrant oil color with thick paint, textured brushstrokes and light to record that
sweet joyous moment in time.

No matter the subject we choose I believe true art always comes from our hearts, This is best stated in
my favorite quote from Terri Guillemets “Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul… and you