Brandon Watts

Artist Statement

I’ve always been drawn to water, especially in moments of overwhelming emotions, big decision-making, and simply trying to get my life in order. Water has always seemed to be my place of escape from everyday life. Not always being able to leave when issues arise, I had the thought of photographing things to help me stay calm.  It helps me reflect on my decisions in life and let go until that last drop has fallen, hence, the titles in my displayed work. I look at these pieces as more than photographs or art, they are therapeutic pieces for the mind, body and soul. Being able to live and let go. To know that our life is like water; sometimes destructive, yet other times, very calm and relaxing. In all, this series focuses on the calm, relaxation portion of the thing that consumes 71% of the earth. I hope when looking at these pieces you can get lost in them and use them to your benefit as you go through everyday life.

Click here to watch a video of Brandon presenting his art at the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce.