Denice Nicholson

Growing up in an urban environment, the wild beauty of nature held special appeal for Denice Nicholson. Even from a young age she had an inclination for drawing nature-imbued curving, irregular images – flowers, trees, twigs and berries functioning symbolically as opposed to realistic renderings. Nicholson uses fabric and dyes and wax-resist process to create images.  Through many years of trial and error experimenting  she’s developed her own technique, similar to traditional batik, that involves adding layer upon layer of color, using wax-resist for some elements and freehand dyeing for particular effects.  Hardened wax is frozen then strategically cracked to allow dyes to infiltrate, creating textures, color juxtapositions and impressionistic inferences of form and space to reveal an ethereal, dream-like perception of our mysterious world.