Lourdes Valverdes

María de Lourdes Valverde Galindo was born in México as the only girl in a family with six brothers. Her passion for art began in middle school as her teacher assigned illustrating stories as part of the reading lesson.

Although, she had always been passionate about the arts, her parents advised her to pursue a career in engineering. As an adult she has traveled now to live in Bentonville, Arkansas and found a renewed sense of self as an artist and is pursuing learning and doing all she can to hone her own skills and to promote arts in her new community.


“I paint what amazes me. Painting for me is like speaking without words. When I was a kid I loved to draw all the time, now I am painting what is in front of me. I love to interact with the people for they are a source of inspiration. I want to share the wonderful things life has offered me.”