Martin Morales

Martin Morales is an artist based in the Venezuelan province, with the greatest national projection. As an experimental engraver, he spends part of his time teaching graphic arts in his workshop in the small town of Tovar, in Mérida State. Hard working and patient, he has taken to practical consequences an inquiry based on his engraving experiences and his studies carried out in Italy and the Universidad de Costa Rica. Through this inquiry he has developed a personal language from the principles of optical and retinal art. As such, the figurative content of his images is joined with the results obtained by a method that consists of an analysis of the perception of color in light and translation into virtual movement.

Morning Light

“The purpose of my work is to integrate plastic elements and natural phenomena, where I propose visual codes. The main thing is the study of the atmosphere, light and movement. The focus of the work is that people identify with nature and establish a dialogue with it. The idea is not to present the visible reality, but rather a new reality through observing the charm of the world. It avoids faithfully copying the nature or reality of our environment; I resort to concrete forms, transparency, lines and reliefs, to express the mysterious harmony of nature.”