Shabana Kauser

British artist Shabana creates vibrant oil paintings that are heavily influenced by her rich British and Pakistani roots. Her realistic paintings include a diverse range of cultural sources that carry depth and history. From the red rose (British floral emblem), to the traditional ‘Dupatta’ (scarf worn in South Asian countries), each work has a story behind it.

Shabana’s parents emigrated from Pakistan and settled in the UK in the 1970’s. She was then born, raised and lived in the UK for 30 years. As a first generation immigrant in the UK, Shabana enjoys sharing her experiences on how both cultures shaped her.

She moved to Fayetteville AR, 9 years ago and discovered her love for creating art.  Her journey started off as an interest and this soon turned into a full time career. She has enjoyed successful solo and group exhibits, has been voted into a number of International and local juried shows and more recently participated at a community event at Crystal Bridges Museum. Shabana’s art journey is rapidly evolving.