Stacy Bates

Stacy Bates loves creating art in all mediums, whether it’s sculpting, painting, printmaking, or drawing. For the past year, she has been exploring the depths of her illustration through use of pen and ink while applying hatching, cross-hatching and stippling techniques. Although tedious and extremely challenging, there is nothing quite like the reward of finishing a piece that is full of details, symbolism and meaning. The inspiration for Stacy’s style of illustration not only derives from some of her favorite artists, but also from illustrations and prints from some of her favorite books that displayed works in black and white. In terms of subject matter, she is very inspired by surrealism as well as real problems we face in our own world. Bates feels that when both her technique and subject matter join together on paper, the black ink on the white paper provides an adventure in what seems to be the past, but the meaning and symbols in each work brings the viewer to relate it to the present.