Artist Reception for Photographer Heather Chilson

July 21st, 2018

@Today's Bank, 5178 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72762

10am – 12pm

5178 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72762
(479)751-9260 or the Gallery (479)871-2722

Heather Chilson combs the Arkansas landscape to find scenes that reflect the passage of time. She says, “… I spend time in front of a subject and think about how I want it ultimately portrayed. Do I want to show the sense of place, the beauty of its age, or just capture the typically mundane? The more I think about this narrative, the more I can edit through my viewfinder before I fire the shutter. Ultimately when I see the final photo, I want to be transported back to that place and I want the viewer to see it through my eyes, as it was with no illusions.”