August 2018 Exhibition: Art Meripol Photographs: Fayetteville Farmers Market, 1974

August 2nd, 2018 - August 31st, 2018


You have no doubt heard about the Art Meripol photographs of Fayetteville’s Farmers Market from 1974. Come see the cool works and identify the people who brought local apples, honey, other foodstuffs, cats, music, and a certain funkiness to Fayetteville. A limited number signed prints will be available for sale at the reception.

Art Meripol – About the Work:

Art Meripol

“I visited the market several weekends that fall of 1974…The whole shoot was for Andrew’s (Kilgore) class. I do remember being a bit intimidated in approaching strangers to shoot. I think the ability to approach people you don’t know with a camera is a learned skill, and this was a great early lesson for me….Looking back I think my instincts were pretty good in what I chose. They really do capture a place in time.” (Fayetteville Flyer,2015)