First Thursday August: Outside In & Art Meripol Photographs

August 2nd, 2018


Opening Reception: First Thursday, 5-8pm

Join us for Art Ventures’ August, 2018 exhibition featuring Marsha Scott’s incredible collection of Outsider Art by Mose T, Annie Lucas, Preacherman and many others who define Outsider Art vernacular. Contemporary artists, Cheri Bohn, Tom Flynn, Linda Sheets, and Mid-America Arts Alliance grant awardee, Eloa Jane Pereira, complete the Folk Art scene at the Gallery with colored glass, rusted tools, scratchboard and paper. Cheri, Tom, Linda and Eloa Jane’s pieces are for sale.

You have no doubt heard about the Art Meripol photographs of Fayetteville’s Farmers Market from 1974. Come see the cool works and identify the people who brought local apples, honey, other foodstuffs, cats, music, and a certain funkiness to Fayetteville. A limited number signed prints will be available for sale at the reception.

Marsha Scott – About the Collection:

Marsha Scott CollectionMy former business partner, Paul Yandura, and I started collecting art by untrained American artists in the early 2000s. As organizers and political consultants, we appreciated the burning desire that resonated with people wanting to tell their story. We were strongly attracted to creative gestures untethered from traditional and or formal attitudes and methods of expression. While appreciating the strength and focus that training and an arts education does provide, we were fascinated by individuals who simply had to create. Finding these artists and displaying their works has brought me much joy. I continue to marvel at the passion that drives these men and women and am filled with awe at their creations.

Tom Flynn – About the Work:

Tom FlynnI want my work to look like what it is made out of. I am not looking to make beautiful things, I just want to make people smile and maybe look at my work and see that things are not always what they appear to be. I am often inspired by what I find; each piece of metal has the potential to become something more than what it is when combined with other pieces of metal.

Sometimes being a found object metal artist is real close to being a hoarder, as every piece of metal has potential.

I am happiest when I do not have to change the shape of something but by combining it with other parts I can make it become something else.

Linda Sheets – About the Work:

Linda SheetsLife is just a series of activities and events… The activity that brings me the greatest joy is creating art, making something from nothing, to create a visual record of a life experience.
My most recent work has been inspired by my collection of vintage black and white photographs. I’m drawn to these orphans, these interesting images carefully placed in albums, but then discarded when there is no longer anyone who knows who they are, what activities they cared for, or how they lived.

In drawing them I try to imagine their story, or even to write a completely new one, to honor their existence in that specific, ephemeral, moment captured by film.

Eloa Jane – About the Work:

Eloa JaneI transform recycled paper waste into art. In this process I maintain the integrity of paper’s textures and printings. I roll pages of recycled paper individually into small tubes and assemble them to create decorative vases, sculptures and wall art. I see my own journey in the disconnected words, fading colors and rough textures of the pieces I make. They reflect my life’s transformation after I have seen it torn apart like a piece of paper and yet I hold to my values and redefine myself.

Cheri Bohn – About the Work:

Cheri BohnThe roots provide my inspiration. I see it in the Roots. After people see my work sometimes they will bring me unique roots they have found. “Sandy the snail” is a piece made from gifted wood from two different people. It is assembled with three different pieces. The wood had been in my yard for a few years, the rounded one is from the grapevines that take over around here. It had a smaller version of the neck and head but I remembered the piece that looks like a snail head and incorporated it instead.. I love this piece and how it shows off many different beautiful pieces of glass.

Art Meripol – About the Work:

Art Meripol

“I visited the market several weekends that fall of 1974…The whole shoot was for Andrew’s (Kilgore) class. I do remember being a bit intimidated in approaching strangers to shoot. I think the ability to approach people you don’t know with a camera is a learned skill, and this was a great early lesson for me….Looking back I think my instincts were pretty good in what I chose. They really do capture a place in time.” (Fayetteville Flyer, 2015)