Four Exhibitions – Nature: Beauty and Power

November 2nd, 2017 - November 30th, 2017

Event: First Thursday Opening Reception & Art Sale
Art Ventures is pleased to bring you Nature: Beauty & Power, four exhibits opening together on First Thursday, November 2nd, 5-9PM , 101 W Mountain Street, Fayetteville.

4Relief: Project Based Learning with Root Elementary

Project Based Learning is defined as learning by finding a real world problem, creating a solution and presenting that solution to the public. Art Ventures is honored to present solutions to real world issues through the efforts of young people in our communities.
About the artwork, the Fayetteville students say, “We, the 4th Grade students at Root Elementary found our problem after studying photographs of the destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. We chose the solution of supporting these people by creating art for sale to the public.”
All proceeds from the sale of their artworks will be donated to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief. Please come out and support the children in this worthy cause.

The 2017 Illinois River Salon

The Illinois River Salon is a juried event featuring artwork celebrating the beautiful Illinois River Watershed of Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. The Salon is a program of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership which seeks to improve and preserve the water quality in the watershed by educating and motivating us to take positive personal actions and work together for greater impact.

The IRWP Salon is in its 5th year as a premier production of educating through art. This exhibition was juried by founding members of Hearts of America Artists Association, Todd A. Williams and John P. Lasater, IV. The Salon and accompanying programming are made possible by a grant from the Windgate Charitable Foundation, supporting art and nature in the Illinois River Watershed.

Lee Ann Dodson

“As a child growing up in the Ozarks I used to construct rain houses out of scraps of lumber, cardboard, branches, whatever – so when the rain began I could stay outside, semi-dry and revel in the primal joy of water, wood, rocks, trees, earth, light. This is why I paint.”
This is no understatement about Lee Ann’s connection to nature through all of her senses. The loose, abstract quality of her brush marks contradicts the super-realistic impression of her landscape paintings.

Kathleen Siegfried

Kathleen is a retired teacher and a painter who likes to think of herself as an experimental artist, specifically drawn to the abstract. She says her most successful paintings come from a combination of memory, imagination, and suggestion. “I have been inspired by memories of life on the water—the creek on the farm where I grew up in Ohio, the ocean landscape of my years in New Jersey, and now the rivers and lakes in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.”