Lee Ann Dodson Reception

December 1st, 2018

@Art Emporium Gallery

Lee Ann Dodson Reception

Dec. 1st, 2-6pm @ Art Emporium Gallery
Nature is the element in which I am most nurtured and healed.

The basic elements of nature are the stuff of which we are made. Patterns repeat at a micro and macro level. Colors are endless and with the light and seasons, they constantly change. Nothing is static, not even the rocks. The cliff walls fracture, fall, and resettle.

I paint the places that formed me, and inform me. I grew up playing in the woods near the University behind the house where we lived. I climbed oak trees to the very top and swayed, clinging to the branches as a storm blew in.

This natural beauty is my place of healing and wholeness. This landscape is a reflection of my heart.