Lisa Krannichfeld: Watercolors

September 1st, 2016 - September 30th, 2016

About The Work

“There is an irresistible drive in us as humans to define things, people, and experiences we have into categories; clear of ambiguity, mystery, and confusion. Evolutionarily, you could argue this instinct has helped us interpret the world around us in more efficient ways and helped us to avoid potentially dangerous encounters. While this powerful impulse can be helpful in some instances, it most certainly rejects a sense of discovery, curiosity, and tolerance for the unknown and unfamiliar when placed in the context of contemporary social order. This collection of expressionistic portraits refutes the impulse to categorize the female gender – a rigid category that shapes a woman’s life in immeasurable ways from the moment of birth. These portraits celebrate ambiguity in emotion and intention; unshackling categorization all while calling attention to the viewer’s innate impulse to revert back to clear definition.”

About The Artist

Lisa was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, in an interesting mix of a Chinese family living in the American South. Her experiences growing up in these two intermixing cultures and their traditions have greatly influenced her work, which primarily focuses on the woman, as its subject. Growing up surrounded by women born of the mindset to serve-not indulge, be humble-not bold, and to suppress, not express, Lisa gives the women in her paintings a voice and an outlet. Her expressive portraits refute the traditional portrayal of women being passive subjects to gaze upon, evident in their disinterested and at times defiant expressions. Breaking tradition further, Lisa often uses traditional Chinese ink and watercolor materials in a nontraditional uncontrolled, free-flowing way, frequently mixed with unconventional materials.
As an internationally exhibiting artist, Lisa has shown work throughout Asia, Europe and Australia in addition to showing extensively throughout the American South. In 2016, she received the juror award in the 28th Annual Texarkana Arts and Humanities Council Juried Exhibition. In 2015, she received the Delta Award in the prestigious 57th Annual Delta Juried Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center showcasing contemporary American art from Southern artists. Her work has also won First Place in the 2015 Batesville Area Arts Council National Juried Exhibition, and the Juror Award in the 2015 Irene Rosenzweig Juried Biennial Exhibition. She has been named “One to Watch” in Saatch Art Magazine as a “Woman to Watch” by Soiree Magazine in her home state of Arkansas. Lisa’s work in included in several private and corporate collections throughout the world.