May Exhibition: Liminal Spaces: In Between

May 1st, 2019 - May 31st, 2019

Alice Andrews was born in El Dorado Arkansas and now splits her time between her family home there and her 1800’s farm house in Boxley along the Buffalo National River. For Alice, Liminal Spaces have resulted in richly nuanced art that says everything about love and respect for nature and life. She says, “my paintings come from the need to make a mark, like drawing in the dirt, or like scratches made on cave walls, a primal drive to create something out of emotions, to make the spirit visible.”

Dolores Justus
Inspired by the natural world, Dolores Justus’ paintings reflect a sensitive and intuitive view that distills patterns of light and form into compositions that engage and inspire. Her painterly style also contributes to the interactive quality of her art. In her exploration of the confluence of optics and painterly abstraction her work belongs to the “new landscape” movement of contemporary American art.
Cheryl Kellar
Some of Cheryl’s earliest memories are of paper dolls for whom she made clothes with scraps of fashion catalogs and sewing patterns that were a part of her mother’s woman’s work tool box– before easy to reach malls and online shopping sprees became the fashion.
Liminal Spaces in Kellar’s creative world are replete with opportunities to step forward and back and to breathe life into flesh and bone paper dolls where laughter, love and tragedy make the in-between.

Kathleen Siegfried
Kathleen describes herself as an experimental artist, specifically drawn to the abstract. Her moments between what was and what is next begins with color rather than subject matter, and uses color as a guide for composition inspired by childhood memories, imagination and suggestion. She says, “I have been inspired by memories of life on the water – the creek on the farm where I grew up in Ohio, the ocean landscape of my years in New Jersey, and now the rivers and lakes in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.
Lourdes Valverde
María de Lourdes Valverde Galindo was born in Durango, México, and lives with her family in Bentonville, Arkansas. She graduated from Instituto Tecnológico de Durango with a B. S. in Industrial Engineering specializing in production. As a child she loved to draw and paint but was encouraged by her parents to use her art-thinking in engineering. Lourdes’ in-between takes her to places where she reflects on the beauty of life. “I paint what amazes me. Painting for me is like speaking without speaking…I want to share the wonderful things life shows me every day.”
Martin Moralez
Martin Morales is a Venezuelan visual and performance artist. He is an experimental engraver and teaches graphic arts part-time in his workshop in the small town of Tovar, in Mérida State. Over many years of study in Italy and Universidad de Costa Rica, Martin has developed a personal language from the principles of optical and retinal art. Morales’ creative expression of Liminal Spaces is the joining of figurative content with the perception of color in light translated into virtual movement.
MJ Fentis
Heavily influenced by the African–American Civil Rights movement of the 1970’s that he experienced, and the contemporary pop culture of Black entertainment in the late 2010’s, MJ Fentis’ style contradicts all of the lessons taught in mainstream academic arts. In his realm, much about Afrocentrism in art carries artistic weight. In some of his works, the Liminal Spaces show the viewer a vibrant, colorful portrait on a black velvet-like background that says, “This reflects my sensibility and it is also good.” Fentis says, “My style is Afro-futuristic, which comes from my idealistic and romantic inner visions of ‘what was,’ combined with ‘what is to come’.”