Sunday Salon Artist Talk: Journeys & Imprints Exhibition Artists

April 22nd, 2018

@Art Ventures NWA

Sunday Salon Artist Talk · April 22, 2018 · 1pm – 3pm · Art Ventures Gallery

Art Ventures Gallery invites you to our monthly Sunday Salon Artist Talk where our April exhibiting artists Karolyn Farrell, Cheryl Kellar, Jocelyn Knight, and first-time collaborating artists, award winning photographer Jay McDonald and painter Carol Hart, lead an open forum discussion about the journey and process of their work. This event is free to the public. All are welcome.

DOUBLE VISION – By Jay McDonald & Carol Hart

“Double Vision is a collaboration that grew out of the discussions Jay and Carol have had about their journeys to various places near and far and how they leave different marks upon us. They decided this work would begin by the selection of particular photographs of Jay’s travels that resonated deeply with Carol, and that she would create paintings based upon those images. The paintings in this series are about her vision of the places or the persons, or the feelings she had upon viewing the photographs. Jay’s unique vision about light and color in his photographs brings yet another facet to the viewer in these pairings.”

ROAD – Jocelyn Knight

Knight says, “My ‘Road Series’ was conceived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997. However, it was some time before I could put brush to canvas, giving birth to the initial pieces of the series following the turn of the century. Each ‘Road’ painting confronts some aspect of traveling cross country – whether the high speeds of modern vehicles, the unfortunate fact of road kill, or the headaches of construction. Each ‘Road’ has allowed me to address my ambivalent feelings towards travel. I confront the inherent negative aspects of road trips, as well as the joy and movement of the open road. By exploring these feelings in color, line and shape, I have managed to find a place of rest for myself, and have now begun to move through new areas of exploration.”

STRENGTH & GRACE – Cheryl Kellar

Kellar says, “My interest in fashion and design came from my early career as a visiting makeup artist in the finest department stores and specialty boutiques in the south. Several decades later, on vacation in Paris, I snapped some photos of store windows that intrigued me. Eventually I painted them, and my love of painting mannequins and store windows converged with my passion for style. Mannequins are my muses, but flesh and blood women are the ones I hope to empower. I seek to put a face on the experiences that make us beautiful. A collector summed it up this way: “Your ladies always show the side of women we want to be – so we are.”

TRACES – Karolyn Farrell

Farrell says, “I focus on vibrant colors in nature around my mountainside home and in my travels, which I specifically take in order to find the colors and light that give me an emotional charge. As I create my response to the landscapes or the surroundings that draw me in, I anticipate they will bring happiness and serenity to my clients and viewers. For me, the act of creating a piece of art is, as Robert Henri, author of The Art Spirit, said, “…the arts were developed to allow us to capture and recall moments of our greatest happiness and of our greatest wisdom.”