Sunday Salon Artist Talk: Nature: Beauty and Power

November 19th, 2017

November 19th, 2017 1-3PM

Art Ventures invites you to our November Sunday Salon Artist Talk, Nature: Beauty & Power. Please join us as featured artists, Lee Ann Dodson and Kathleen Siegfried, discuss their work and answer questions about their process. All are welcome to enjoy this free cultural event.

Lee Ann Dodson says, “As a child growing up in the Ozarks I used to construct ‘rain houses’ out of scraps of lumber, cardboard, branches, whatever – so when the rain began I could stay outside, semi dry and revel in the primal joy of water, wood, rocks, trees, earth, light. This is why I paint.” Lee Ann primarily works in oil paint and points to how her medium reflects her subject matter: “I love the way oils smell, feel, and handle. They are mostly made of the same things I paint… earth pigments, ground minerals, the sap of trees. Mixing a fresh palette of colors sends me. It is a sensual medium that won’t last forever, but undoubtedly longer than you or I.”

Kathleen Siegfried is a retired teacher and painter, who describes herself as an experimental artist, specifically drawn to the abstract. She often begins with color rather than subject matter, and uses color as a guide for composition inspired by childhood memories, imagination and suggestion. “ I have been inspired by memories of life on the water—the creek on the farm where I grew up in Ohio, the ocean landscape of my years in New Jersey, and now the rivers and lakes of beautiful Northwest Arkansas. Kathleen’s intimate landscapes take the viewer to a special memory of a special place, real or imagined.

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