Tim West: A retrospective

June 1st, 2016 - June 30th, 2016

About The Artist

Tim West passed away April 2, 2012 in Northwest Arkansas. Tim lived in the small community just south of Fayetteville. After graduating with an MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in the early 1960s. Tim slowly left the public art world, and eventually became somewhat of a recluse on his family land in Winslow. In 2007, Northwest Arkansas photographer Diana Michelle Hausam stumbled upon his property after a fence made of bicycles caught her eye. From that point forward, Diana and Tim were friends.

In 2009, Diana and Tim teamed up with M2 Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas, for the show “The Artist” compiled from years of his accumulated art works. Tim West has two works in the Museum of Modern Art, two works in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and works in several other museum collections around the world.
About The Work
This retrospective examines the life’s work of Tim West including exclusive limited edition prints of his pastoral landscape etchings from the 1980’s, multi-media erotic art, his sketchbook, and portraits of Tim by Diana Michelle Hausam.
Tim West’s early colorful pastoral depictions of his life and land evolved into slightly disturbing but wildly fantastical later works of erotica.
Artist Statement
“My work is created on impulse. Symbols and shapes take form without a clear path. Rhythm, repetition and design take shape as I fill my drawings and sculptures with my surroundings… trees, structures, bicycles. Life, eternity and death become my work. Why live, why die, why try? I’m 74 years old and don’t have any good explanation for how I lived or why.”