Woman In Art Power// Light// Nature

March 1st, 2017 - March 31st, 2017

Lee Ann Dodson


Late spring, early evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it’s gently raining. I love the way rain smells. As a child growing up in the Ozarks I used to construct “rain houses” out of scraps of lumber, cardboard, branches, whatever – so when the rain began I could stay outside, semi-dry, and revel in the primal joy of water, wood, rocks, trees, earth, light. This is why I paint.

Sara Segerlin

Wombness, a video art installation by artist Sara Segerlin reflects upon the beauty of the feminine found in a collage of multiple dimensions – dreamscapes, sea sand and kitchen parts. Segerlin received her Master of Fine Arts from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York. Her works are homage to renowned film artist Maya Deren who focused her life’s work on discovering the woman through moving images that transfigured the earthly body in time and space.

Timothy Tyler

“My portrayals of women…are without exception, images of women of not only power, but dignity. They are representations worthy of being seen by those becoming women too; active, powerful and courageous. These are not caricatures of Amazons with tigers on chains.”

Rebecca LaTourette

Rebecca is a painter and an installation artist whose roots run deep in Arkansas and preservation of its natural beauty is integral to everything she does. Rebecca’s installation, Protest Couture, addresses the fouling of the Buffalo National River by the concentrated feeding operation and the struggle of the citizenry to save the river from the hog farm. The mask forms for her installation were created in collaboration with Donna L. Mulhollan. Her Rise Up and Persist, piece is designed to encourage hope and resilience in the present day.

Jeannie Rodriguez Fowler-Stone


Jeannie is a Puerto Rican native who became an Arkansan in 1964. She is an artist who believes in bringing communities together in an authentic way and spends time doing that through her own art as well as supporting the development of emerging artists.


Christina Mariotti

Christina moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in the early ’90s to attend the University of Arkansas, where she received her fine arts degree in painting. During this time Christina began visiting Italy again, including a semester abroad at the American University of Rome. She explains that these valuable visits were like a cathartic rebirth; she could feel her dormant knowledge of the language coming back, and her love of Italian design once more began to blossom within. These influences can be clearly seen in her art, whether in her landscapes or figural works. Her work has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions and in the press, and is owned by collectors nationwide and overseas.

Leah Cowden

About the evolution of her work, Leah says, I connected my undergraduate studies in psychology with my art. As a child, I drew and painted with pencils and brushes. When I began pouring paint as an adult, art became limitless. The pressures of my life that I once experienced throughout my childhood, lifted. I was free. When I was introduced to doors as a substitution for canvas, my art became symbolic.

Maggie Ivy

Maggie is a freelance illustrator and artist originally from Fayetteville, currently living and working in Santa Monica. In 2010 she graduated from the Florence Academy of Art.